Snow Planting???

To say this spring has been unusually cool and wet may be an understatement.  Persistent cool temperatures, spring rains, and below normal soil temperatures have delayed a majority of the plantings so far this spring.

Waking up on the morning of May 2nd this year greeted us with an unexpected surprise.  Everything in sight was covered in snow!  Trees scheduled for planting on that day had to wait one more day for the snow to melt before going into the ground.  HRF waited until the following day to hand plant over 400 trees and shrubs in some riparian areas.

During the planting on May 3rd we were surprised once again when it started to snow in the afternoon towards the end of the planting.  With these ever changing conditions HRF plans to take what the weather will give and plant when conditions allow.  Regardless of the difficult planting conditions these rains bring welcome relief from last summer’s drought.