Spring Rains

As 2012 ended with much of the region in a severe drought it was questionable whether or not winter snows and spring rains could do enough to replenish soil moisture.  Fortunately winter was more traditional in temperature and snowfall.  Spring has been a little cooler than average and rainfall has come in nicely paced intervals.  The planting season is slightly delayed and will be subject to the good graces of the weather.  It is hard to complain about slight delays when reducing drought conditions are far more important.

These slight delays are coming at a good time as I am in the final days of prescribed recovery after lower back surgery in February to repair a severely herniated disc.  Medicine has come so far.  It is amazing to have a surgery early in the morning and be back to your home by afternoon.  I am grateful for the skill of the neurosurgery team who were able to repair my condition.

Hopefully the next month will allow drying conditions and windows suitable to achieve planting projects in western Iowa.  HRF will update with photos near the end of the month showing reforestation efforts.  With any luck, 40,000 new trees and shrubs will be growing nicely heading into our summer.