Spring Update

Winter 2013 once again found HRF working in the Loess Hills State Forest.  As always the conditions were steep, rugged, and typically very cold.  HRF completed 75 acres of restorative work in upland hardwoods stands primarily consisting of bur oak, Kentucky coffeetree, black walnut, and some other assorted lower quality hardwoods.

With winter finally over we can turn our focus to the upcoming spring planting season.  Unlike last year, things are starting off much cooler at this stage of the season.  Luckily we’ve also had more precipitation over the course of the winter.  This will greatly improve our early season soil moisture and hopes for successful plantings.

Along with spring plantings, HRF looks forward to many projects in the remainder of the year.  Restoration projects will include eastern red cedar eradication, forest stand improvement (FSI), brush management, and a greater emphasis on consulting.  With all of these projects on the horizon its hard to believe there are only nine months left to work effectively and efficiently!  Hopefully luck will be on our side and keep the scorching drought away.  Only time will tell…