Winding Down 2012

2012 has certainly been an amazing and very busy year at HRF.  It appears as though things will continue the same course as we round the corner to 2013.

We started with the birth of our daughter.  Although sometimes challenging, as all young ones are, she is a wonderful gift and perfect addition to our family.

2012 was filled with both challenges and rewards.  It seemed as though no project came and went easily.  Each posed certain challenges.  Heavy rains, extreme heat, deadlines, and distance all played a role this year.  Looking back things weren’t too bad.  In the heat of the moment it could easily be argued otherwise.

We finish this year with the beginning processes of a restoration on a property damaged by the flooding in 2011.  Every project has it’s story, reason, and goal.  Hickory Ridge Forestry looks forward to helping achieve these restorative desires as we embrace yet another new year.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make 2012 a successful year for conservation activities in our region and for HRF.  It has certainly been a pleasure.  Have safe and happy holidays!