Late Fall Forest Restoration

Hickory Ridge Forestry spent the majority of late fall in the southern Loess Hills near Thurman, IA.

HRF helped to complete a forest restoration project revolving around the enhancement of a oak/hickory upland hardwood forest.  Before the thinning the amount of sunlight reaching the forest floor was minimal.  Light admittance was restricted by a heavy mid-canopy and understory consisting primarily of ironwood.  A few other assorted invasive and undesirable species were found in these woods as well.

HRF performed a heavy thinning of these affected acres and the changes were drastic and immediate.  Light will easily filter to the forest floor allowing better opportunities for oak/hickory regeneration along with other species of Loess Hills flora that will enhance wildlife.  Invasive and undesirable species were also dealt a heavy blow but will require the future management of a prescribed fire regime in order to complete the restoration and manage the property.