Brutal Summer

This summer has been a test of will and desire.  Finding new ways to stay motivated to head towards the woods is difficult when the knowledge that morning temperatures at 4:30 A.M. will be nearly 80 degrees.  After noon those temps will certainly rise well above 100 degrees.  At this stage there’s no reason to delve into what level of misery the heat index could reach.

By taking the heat out of the equation and focusing on work completed the story is certainly different.  HRF completed it’s first project in Nebraska.  It was a great project with a heavy thinning of a stunning oak filled property.  Future management is to include a fire regime and help the sensitive landscape return to  a state savanna.

Following this project was the post harvest (PH) thinning at Stephens State Forest near Chariton, IA as listed in the projects.  This project went very well and will greatly improve the transition of the affected area from an older growth stand to a brand new forest.

It was a good but tough summer.  HRF patiently awaits the return of Autumnal temperatures and conditions.