Prairie Restoration

HRF had the great opportunity to return to a property it had completed work on several years ago.  The previous project involved forest stand improvement (FSI).  This spring the project was geared toward the restoration of upland prairie within the southern Loess Hills.

HRF worked on ground with difficult access points and steep terrain.  A hydraulic tree shear coupled with a rubber tracked compact track loader handled the brunt of the work.  Although the terrain presented challenges the rubber tracked machine performed wonderfully.  The tree shear was able to cut of the cedars nearly at ground level and will leave the project areas ready for a nice spring prescribed burn in the spring of 2014.

DSC07274The final area was too steep and treacherous for the track loader.  At this point HRF switched back to the chainsaw to complete the rest of the cedar eradication.  The transformation of this property continues and HRF is proud to have had a small hand in its restoration.

Following this project is a upland prairie restoration at Folsom Point.  The majority of the project encompasses eastern red cedar eradication along with low quality woody deciduous reduction as well.  After the completion of this project over twenty new acres will have exposure to full sunlight allowing native prairie seed to take hold in efforts to reinvigorate the ridgelines with native vegetation.