9/11 Memorial Bench

Opportunity arose to create and dedicate a bench for the National 9/11 Memorial.  This bench is dedicated in honor of all first responders…by first responders.  Every person who lent a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or offered a prayer of hope has a place on this bench.

This bench symbolizes the strength and solidarity of the American people.  Many will rest and reflect while waiting to enter the memorial.  It is the least I can do to aid in the healing of a country.

Included are photos of the Horse Soldier Statue symbolizing our country’s first responders overseas.  This statue honors the unseen, unsung heroes critical to the success of our military’s ventures, and a brotherhood formed in a foreign country.  Also, view the resiliency of a city devastated, in the construction of one of the most amazing buildings of our time.  Finally…a small glimpse of the reason why all these activities have occurred…and the reasons why we will never forget.