Northern Loess Hills Planting

This planting took place in Northern Monona county in some of the most prestigious areas of the Loess Hills a person could imagine.  Restoration in this area has been intensive and impressive on both the private and public fronts.  This particular property is no exception.

HRF helped to plant nearly 3000 new seedlings in reclaimed pasture ground within the hills.  Walnuts and various oaks are the predominate species within the three areas of planting.  Sycamore, black cherry fill in the rest of the panting.  After planting HRF installed a 5′ tree shelter on every seedling planted.  These shelters will greatly reduce chances of mortality from mammal browse.  The shelters will also help with the growth of the seedlings helping to naturally prune each tree for a few years and help train them to grow straight.

These trees are just one of the many areas of restoration taking place but it is going to be really great to watch them grow and mature.  Look forward to new updates next year as HRF plants an additional area with new species.